Guanico - Panama.
The spot where our love story starts.
Our passion for travelling, different cultures and surfing has brought us together.
As a team we work side by side to make our dreams come true:
Aspiring the lifestyle where work, living and inspiration are combined in a loving athmosphere.

Ever since I (Jiani) I turned seven, my family situation made traveling between Germany and China my every-year routine. Getting older, I got more interested in travelling and learning about foreign cultures.
Then suddenly, like a drug, travelling hit me pretty hard. All what I wanted was to travel, travel and more of travel.
I went from one tropical country to another, met all kind of different interesting people and of course explored also all these beautiful places with amazing beaches.
After all it made me realize that I wanted to live by the beach forever.
While traveling through Panama I came to this beautiful village of Guanico - a piece of paradise with a gorgeous remote beach.
It was the spot that touched my heart
And finally made me stay.

Lorenzo - the typical surfer beach boy - was born in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, basque region of France.
Ever since, there was but one interest to him: going to tropical places where he could surf every single day.
Therefore surf trips to Australia, Indonesia, Spain and Morocco were planned quite often.
In order to turn his passion for surfing into a job, 11 years ago he became a professional surf instructor.
As we know, surfing in France could be a quite freezing experience and very crowded.
So, he wanted to live in a country where a wetsuit would not be necessary at all and where he could have the ocean all to himself.
In Panama he found everything he had asked for:
water temperature: 26 - 30 degree Celsius, plus no crowded line-up in the ocean all year long.

Due to our many traveling experiences, the knowledge of and appreciation for different cultures,
we know exactly what is important and necessary for travellers.
We want to share our passion with other adventurous people with the same mindset
by creating a place where we all come together:
to stay away from the typical vacation style accommodation and to truly experience the local Panamanian culture.

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