Playa Guanico

  • The spot is famous for its empty line-up in the ocean. It has a main beach break and a right point break that is suitable for all levels. Throughout the year the waves has a consistency of 95% and the best waves from medium to high tide. At the dry season (Dec-May) the wind blows offshore that forms the waves just almost perfect. Because of the several km long beach, this spot offers several great spot to surf.

Playa Cambutal

  • Within 30 minutes drive you can reach the next surfspot Cambutal. It is famous for its several breaks around.
    The main beach break is located directly in front of the town. It offers break left and right that is suitable for each level. For more experienced and advanced surfers there are several point breaks situated west of the town.
    Let us know, if trips and surf guiding is needed. We are very welcome providing you the service.

Playa venao

  • Further east of Guanico you will find another beach break located in Venao. Due its recent exposure of international contest, this spot becomes more popular every year. The surf conditions there are quite similar to its in Guanico. It is consistent throughout the year and the best waves are from mid to high tide, which is suitable for all levels. The clear blue water and the hollow waves will make your surf experience just perfect.

Horseback Riding

  • Don't miss out the romantic horseback riding experience in Guanico. Spend your day riding along the kilometer long remote beach and observe the beauty of the pacific ocean. For those who are more adventurous, another tour will bring you directly into the wild. While crossing river, small streams and riding through the woods you will encounter the gorgeous landscape with a remarkable experience.
  • You can rent a horse per hour or half-a-day with a guide or without. Just let us know.

Fishing Trips

  • Our area, also called Azuero Peninsula, is famous for its fishing experience. Because of its abundance of Tuna, it has earned the name of "The Tuna Coast". Other fish like Marlin, Snappers, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo and much more can be found as well. Our experienced local captain will take you to the best fishing spot around the area. Either for half-a-day or full-day fishing trip we will arrange it for you.


  • Guanico, a piece of paradise, offers several adventurous hiking tracks. Either by hiking through the woods or climbing the riff along the pacific coast you can explore the protected tortoise beach "La Marinera". It is one of the renowned place where thousands of wild turtles regularly lay their eggs. Another hiking tour will take you just into the mountains, where you are able to observe the amazing landscape of the pacific ocean from above.